Ruchit Nagar and Saachi Dalal

Building the ship while sailing

Countries around the world are giving emergency approval to roll-out the long awaited COVID-19 vaccine. The Government of India is similarly gearing up for its first phase of roll-out in the coming 2 weeks.

A few days ago, we had…

How Khushi Baby is transforming community health tracking in rural India

Devli, carrying her 6-month old daughter to the village maternal and child health camp

Devli, a mother of a six-month-old girl, walks kilometers, her child in hand, across rugged terrain and 100+ degree weather, to reach the health camp in her village. Along with her, she brings a paper health card which she shares with the front-line health worker. Unfortunately, vital information on this…

Khushi Baby

building digital solutions to track community health at the last mile

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